“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”

Louis L’Amour

So, this is the beginning.

I have decided to join the thousands (millions?) of other people in the world and try this whole blog thing out. Honestly, it wasn’t really my choice. My hand was mildly forced into it when someone very special to me bought this domain, set it up, and said, “Start a blog.”

I wasn’t reluctant.

I had considered it in the past, but it seemed pointless. Who was going to read my dumbass blog anyway? But now, at this point in my life, I don’t care. I’ve wanted to be a writer my whole life, and even though I knew all I needed to do was JUST WRITE, I lacked confidence, and therefore, any motivation to write for myself. Putting my writing on the internet is terrifying – but it also allows for support, feedback, growth, and personal accountability. (Side Note: I am also a big dumb idiot who can never find the right word for what I want to say/describe. This is a big issue. I will not tell you how long it just took me to figure out the word “accountability.” Embarrassing. And if this is what every blog post is gonna be like, I fear for my future. End Side Note.)

I will probably do an entire post at some point about how much of an over thinker I am, but I’ll say it now… I overthink everything. I would really like this blog to just be a space where I can tell meaningless stories about my day, but my brain won’t let it be like that. It has to be a THING. I will tell meaningless stories, but I will spend far too much time overanalyzing my writing and trying to make everything perfect. I’m really going to try to not do that, okay? Disclaimer: It’s not going to work and my writing is going to be really inconsistent, because my brain will constantly be fighting itself. Sorry.

There was a time when I thought that I was pretty good with computers and technology. I heard a career in networking paid pretty well, you could work from home, and I thought I might be smart enough to to that. ha ha ha ha ah . . . . . I feel less like that today. After trying to work with a simple website for two days and completely giving up on it, I have realized that I’m not as computer literate as I thought I was. I know I can learn anything with time, but when all I want to do is write, I gave up. So here ya go! My website! I hope you enjoy what I made in two days because its gonna stay that way until I can figure out something else! I know how to upload pictures now, so I’ll be doing that. Maybe.

KC Green

I’m not entirely sure what this has turned into except me spending way too much time on very little writing. I’ve gotten this far and, honestly, part of me wants to delete this. I’ll probably sit here for about twenty more minutes and decide whether or not I want to publish it (after I reread it about 6 more times, of course). And when I wake up tomorrow and the world is not burning down around me because of my one blog post, I will realize everything is okay and I’ll work up the nerve to post an actual cool story, like about the tiny spiders in my room.